Skweezer Verification Services Review — Is it worth it?

There are tons of services out there that claim to be able to verify people on Instagram. Most of them cost thousands of dollars and seem not to work. However, Skweezer is a little different. They charge $125 for the full package. Included is a case study, some online articles and the verification submission at Instagram.

Skweezer Review

Is this a scam?

Skweezer is quite honest about the guarantees: there are none. Their website states that they are not able to guarantee any results, as that decision is up to Instagram. I talked to Matt from Skweezer today and this is what he had to say:


So Matt, tell me, how does this verification service work?


Thanks for your time to review this, we really appreciate it! So basically what we do is assisting with online PR, which is really important. We also build a case study for Instagram, basically describing why you should get verified. Then our representative submits this to Instagram. We ourselves do NOT have Media Support with Facebook / Instagram, but we have someone that does, so we do the submission through that person.


Interesting, so you don’t submit the verification request yourself?


Yes and no. We don’t physically submit it ourselves, but we do all the work and have our partner submit the verifications for us.


What’s your success rate?


To be honest, it’s low. But that’s not because of our service. Getting verified is extremely difficult, that’s why people want it. It’s a status symbol and supposed to be hard to get. When clients of ours get denied, it’s not because of our submission, our submission process is fail-proof (so far), if a client gets denied, it’s usually because it just doesn’t qualify. But there are still a lot of clients that do get verified. If you’re supposed to have a verification badge, you’ll most likely get it.


What happens when you get denied?


In that case, we will resubmit your submission for free. We can do a resubmission every 30 days. We usually recommend our clients to work on their profile in the meantime.


So no refunds?


No. We do not refund clients if the submission has been made. We have to pay writers to make the PR articles, we have to pay our contact that handles the submission, and we have to spend time researching your profile and building the case study.

Skweezer Verification Review

Not for everyone

Skweezer does not offer this verification service to everyone. You first need to do the eligibility check on to see if you meet the minimum required engagement on your profile.


My review

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of this service. I created a new account in the fashion niche, I bought some followers and likes to give me a head start, and then worked on getting genuine engagement. As of writing this article I have received most of the service. The PR articles are finished and they look good. They look quite basic and seem to serve the sole purpose of giving you an extra edge — they’re not newsworthy articles. Again, very basic.

The case study was great. It seems like these guys know exactly what to aim for. Not everything written in the case study was accurate though. It honestly does seem like they bend the truth a little, which might be a problem for some people. I personally didn’t mind.

The submission is done, but we haven’t had a response yet. So I’m still waiting on the results. I’m debating whether or not I should link to my new profile in this article. If I do get verified and Instagram finds this article, they may take away the verified badge. I’m not sure if that would happen, but I’m not sure if I want to take the risk.

I will most likely update this review tomorrow or the day after to share the results with you. Until then, this is my temporary conclusion:

Service: You get a good deal for this price. It’s expensive to have someone write PR articles for you. In fact, in most cases, you pay more than $250 per article. I must say the articles I received were basic, but it still helps. The case study is spot on too.

Support: I received good support from Matt, but I need to put a massive disclaimer here: Matt knew I was writing a review about the service so I’m very sure that they gave me priority support.

That’s it for now, more to come soon.

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by on Skweezer Verification

It's legit. I read some bad reviews on spire but those seem to be bullshit. They write bad reviews on basically every service and only promote the services that they own theirselves, it was quite transparent so I decided to just check it out. I ordered the $125 package and got a reply in 4 hours or something, must say that I was freaking out a bit the first 4 hours because of the spire review. Anyway, so I got a reply from Stephen (not matt), and he asked me some questions to finish up their research (these guys work fast!!). 2 days later my online stories were finished as well as the case study, they then submitted the request for my companies account. It literally got accepted in 3 days or something. We do have a lot of followers (50K) and are quite well known in our local area, but it definitely worked. I'm super positive about this service and recommend it to everyone.

my submission got accepted! i'm verified, contact me for proof

by Anonymous on Skweezer Verification

testing if writing review works

by Anonymous on Skweezer Verification

I LOVE THIS SERVICE — Finally a service that comes through. Deff recommend it and Matt is indeed a boss lol

Didnt get accepted

My profile got rejected by Instagram, but they did offer a resubmission for free. The articles were nice though, it's good to get some extra pr etc