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Instagram is one of the many social media platforms where people showcase their incredible images and witty hashtags. Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, your reputation could use the help of having more Instagram followers. One of the best ways to achieve insta-fame on Instagram is to buy Instagram followers. The more Instagram followers you have, the better it is for you or your business’ reputation.


$ 10
  • 100 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Limited support


$ 24
  • 1,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Limited support


$ 59
  • 5,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Limited support


$ 89
  • 10,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Premium support


$ 149
  • 20,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Premium support


$ 319
  • 50,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Premium support

Premium Packages

Get a huge boost in followers for maximum results.


$ 599
  • 100,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Premium support


$ 1300
  • 250,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Premium support


$ 3999
  • 1,000,000 HQ Followers
  • Delivery: Instant or Gradual
  • Premium support


Common questions and answers
  • Are these followers real?

    Yes and no. The accounts are created by real people, but they only follow you because you purchased a package.

  • Will Instagram remove them?

    If purchased followers are lost, our automatic-refill system will add them back to your profile for free.

  • How does it work?

    Select a package, fill in your Instagram username and select the delivery type (instant or gradual). and make the payment.

  • How can I pay?

    We take payment via PayPal - this way we can process the orders much faster. You can also use a Credit Card.

The benefits of buying Instagram followers

Why do it, and what results can you expect?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. Creating an account here will expose you or your business to millions of subscribers. That very rough estimated number of users is still growing and will continue to grow every day.

You can stand out from the millions, but you'll need exposure first. Buying Instagram followers will give you that exposure, here are some more benefits:

The bigger the audience, the bigger influence your have.

It’s no secret that the bigger audience translates to more influence. You can literally tell your audience that you love a particular product or item and they will want to have a piece of that product.


Some good examples of influential Instagram accounts are those accounts owned by the Jenner sisters. These young moguls have just under 200 million followers on Instagram who follow their every move and every endorsement. Every product they endorse or even post on their Instagram pages in passing instantly gets sold out. All the things they like goes trending and become must-have products of the week. That’s how much influence they have on their millions of followers.

You can boost sales.

If you have a brand or a product that you are promoting on Instagram, you can boost sales with more Instagram followers. More Instagram followers mean that you have more people becoming aware that your product exists.


This also translates to shares, likes, reposts and similar actions in other social media platform. Instagram posts can be reposted on other partner sites such as Facebook. You don’t just conquer the world of Instagram. Your post could also get more sales and reach other people from other social media channels.

You increase trust.

Having many followers can mean that more people trust you and your brand. When people trust you, your persona becomes someone that they look to for advice or for words of wisdom. When your advice works, you become an authority and a person who people can trust. This newfound trust that has been built between you and your followers will extend to all your future advice or recommendations. They will also start to share your piece of advice to their friends as something that has worked for them personally. This will increase your trust rating even more.


Having the trust of your followers is a delicate thing so make sure to provide only good advice or recommendations. Followers can be fickle such that one day they adore you, the next day you are nothing to them for giving bad advice. This makes it even more important to buy Instagram followers to keep that trust factor or at least the illusion of trust between you and your followers high.


Reviews for our Instagram followers packages.

Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Mia R. Turner on Instagram Followers

I really like the services they offer! I just think the ig names that they use for followers and likes could be a little more realistic and not looks the same. Otherwise, I love it!

by Anonymous on Instagram Followers

Fast processing of order and delivered my Followers within the hour after payment was processed - Subsequent post rapidly receive the promised number of likes. Beyond excellent service. Could not recommend more!

by Vanessa on Instagram Followers

By far the best company selling IG followers out there. Good quality followers that actually stay instead of unfollowing straight after they get paid. I buy a package every now and then whenever my IG needs a little boost. Buying these followers has brought me so many sponsors as they like to see big numbers.

by Anonymous on Instagram Followers

BuyIGViews always delivers quality and consistent work! Their customer support is super responsive and I love seeing my clients Instagram accounts grow and flourish in an organic and safe way. I highly recommend using them to grow your brand and business on Instagram.

by August Järpemo on Instagram Followers

Fast delivery, good communication and awesome services to boost up a new company or starup! I'm definitely going to use your services again!

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